Monday, August 21, 2006

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Μόλις έλαβα το παραΚΆΤΩ μύνημα απο συντρόφους από το καζακστάν

New attacks on Shanyrak imminent
Activists and supporters arrested and harassed.

Appeal for Solidarity from
“Socialist Resistance” Kazakhstan
Dear Comrades

The information we now have is that the state are to make a renewed attempt to evict the residents from their homes in Shanyrak this week. A detailed letter explaining the background is attached.

But in addition there has been a stepping up of harassment and repression by the state since the last attempt. The information collated by the Support Committee in Almata shows that over 120 people have been taken in by police for questioning with charges lodged against 6 – these charges range from the organization of mass disorder to hostage taking and murder. This is against the background of the violent attack by police which left 12 people seriously wounded – one women lost her unborn baby and several other have serious bullet wounds. One man is still in a coma. The police have since been attempting a cover up. The press is full of stories about the “criminal elements” who live at Shanyrak. The wounded have been refused treatment until they have agreed that they were not wounded at Shanyrak. For example Azhibekov Takhir was refused treatment at one of the city hospitals for a bullet wound in the leg until he agreed he had actually cut himself on a broken bottle.

Another case is that of Daniyar Yenikeev, a journalist on the paper “Epoxa” and a well known member of Socialist Resistance. He received bad burns on his chest when a noise grenade thrown by police blew up near him. Last week he was taken in for questioning by police, who spent three hours attempting to get him to withdraw his allegations.

Ainur Kurmanov, a leading member of Socialist Resistance has also been arrested and charged with financing and organizing an illegal organization. He has been released awaiting his trial, which could see him being imprisoned for up to ten days (Ainur has already spent five months in Kazakhstan’s prisons in the mid nineties). It is clear that the state is attempting to find an excuse to level more serious charges against our organization. Some comrades have been called in and offered money and other incentives to provide information on our activities.

We are therefore asking comrades to attempt to organize some form of protests during the week and in particular, in response to any events connected to the state stepping up their attacks.

Kazakhstan doesn’t have embassies in many countries (although it does have in Germany, Belgium, Poland, Britain, Austria, Greece, Israel, Holland, US, France and Malaysia). A full list of addresses and contact numbers is attached. Where possible pickets could be organized. Alternatively letters and faxes of protest could be sent directly to the embassies. We are trying to collate a short list of Kazakhstan media contacts and will distribute this in next couple of days. A press release could be sent to them expressing support. (Almost all our protests are reported in the Central Asian Press and the main opposition website often has articles by us).

Please inform us of any actions on

Yours comradely,
Rob Jones and Ainur Kurmanov
EC of CIS section

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