Friday, July 04, 2008

Mr Tsipras

What did you mean when you stated that SYN is watching AKEL closely and learning from AKEL how to go in power?
a)that SYN will cooperate for a term in a government with PASOK and LAOS before you run for Prime Minister

b) that SYN will adopt Stalinist policies within its rank and file, but also neoliberal policies once it goes in government?

c) That your first goal will be to become president of the parliament, and then prime minister.

Please answer


ΠΛΑΝΗΤΑΣ said...

Since you started in English let's leave it the way it iz.

Honestly, i was one of those who saw Tsipras envolvement in a positive way. I still believe that many aspects of Synaspismos rhetoric are still what i want to hear from a parliament party, with the compromise one has to do in order to reach the 3% limit in order to be there (crappy greek political system)

But as far as the cypriot political scene is concerned, i'm against the support the party is offering to AKEL, especially during the last year.

I believe that the whole situation is a part of the slow but steady disconnection between AKEL and KKE (Greek Communist Party), that SYN took advantage of, meeting the cypriot party in the same European party ("EUROPEAN LEFT"), and sharing some inside-EU-criticism that KKE was unwilling to offer.

I am strongly opposed to this conclusion, because if Tsipras wants to bring the AKEL approach in Greece, this will be nothing better than the 20 years of PASOK ruling that left a large population in Greece below the limits of poverty, and was more capitalistic than the capitalists.

dokisisofi said...

xexexexe...fovero to post!

An kai ntaksei, o Tsipras den einai Papariga. Mporei kai na ta ekane ola osa les. (Ston ipno tou vevea:PPP)