Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Let them burn

Burn in hell!
The Greek Orthodox Church
The former student bashing ranger Boulgarakis, Polydoras, Meimarakis
The New Democracy Government
Go sell an F-16 fighter and hire some firemen
Go sell some guns and buy us some firefighting equipment
Go fire some special guards and buy us some fire engines motherfuckers......but there are no brines coming out of there right????right.....

a zillion thanks to our friends from Macedonia who sent 60 firefighters, only to be blocked at the border. Not alla of us Greeks are wankers, only our government and out nationalists....... Thanks to our friends from Romania,Turkey, Serbia, Cyprus, the USA, France and Norway for their help and their support......cheers mates,

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Γ.Ι said...

Ξέρεις ότι περιμένουμε καταχώρηση σου για την επανεκλογή της ΝΔ και το βατερλό του ΠΑΣΟΚ; :)

Καλά να περνάς